Riesling Report: Günther Steinmetz Riesling Trocken 2009

We're celebrating the Summer of Riesling by trying a different bottle every weekday. Got a favorite riesling? Recommend it in the comments!


At around $15 for the liter, this dry riesling isn't going to blow you away with complexity, but it's tart and refreshing, with a bright lime and green apple tang. It's made with hand-picked grapes from steep-slope Mosel vineyards. If you taste closely, there's a core of sweet-tart peach ring candy and a hint of minerality, but this is a guzzler, not a sipper.

More puckering fruit than mineral, this light-bodied wine will go nicely with grilled white fish (top with a tomato or mango salsa) or crabs cooked with Old Bay.

If you're a fan of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, you'll enjoy this slight change of pace (though it doesn't show off all that riesling can be.) My top choice in budget riesling is still the Urban Riesling 2010. (Or spend a few bucks more and get something awesome like the Stein Blauschiefer Riesling Trocken or the delicious 'Gobelsburger' from Schloss Gobelsburg.)

Around $15/liter, sample provided for review.

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