Riesling Report: Eugen Müller Forster Mariengarten Riesling Kabinett, 2010

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There's a density to this wine, like a handful of spicy ginger chew candy with a spiky acidity tucked in, and loads of melted-pear flavor. It has the crispness of sparkling cider, and hints of cinnamon. Fruit and salt are in the forefront; this doesn't just remind you of salinity—it actually tastes salty. Think red Anjou pears wrapped in prosciutto.

One detects not just complexity in this riesling, but activity—flavors bouncing off each other, a mouthful of mineral water, an intense musky floral note like blossoms beginning to fade, their oils practically dripping into your mouth.

This wine is rich enough for seared duck breasts, but our first thought was fried chicken and waffles. A little salt, a little fat, a little sweetness.

Around $20, sample provided for review.

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