Hangover Helper: Breakfast Poutine at Chez Ben in Manchester, CT

Hangover Helper

Just what the doctor ordered.


[Photographs: Caroline Russock]



Everything you need to make the most important meal of the day delicious.

Starchy, sloppy, and utterly satisfying, poutine is classic Québécois drunk food, so it makes perfect sense to indulge in the stuff the morning after when you're suffering from the dreaded gueule de bois. Chez Ben, an unassuming little diner in Manchester, Connecticut, specializes in French Canadian fare including this hangover-slaying Breakfast Poutine ($6.50/$8.50). It's a heaping pile of home fries, scrambled eggs, cheese curds, brown gravy, and your choice of bacon, ham, or sausage served with buttery wedges of toast. Depending on your feelings about pâté at breakfast you can upgrade your plate with a side of Creton (a "cold Canadian meat spread" according to the menu) for an extra $2.15.

Like any good hangover curing meal, this plate is a monster, overflowing with all sorts of cheesy, eggy, gravy-y breakfast greatness. Digging around in this poutine turns up soft pillows of scrambled eggs, salty cubes of ham, fluffy-crisp home fries, and squeaky cheese curds all doused in a just-salty-enough gravy. Ordering a side of Creton might seem like overkill here, but you need something to spread on that toast, plus, hangover or not, we're always up for some pâte.

Chez Ben

927 Center Street, Manchester, CT 06040 (map) 860-649-4011; chezbendiner.com