8 Rum Drinks We Love in Los Angeles

[Photographs: Katie Robbins]

Though there are plenty of fantastic sipping rums that should be savored respectfully on their own, there's something about the spirit, whether clean and light or more complex and dark, that seems destined to be blended into delicious, refreshing cocktails. Rum provides an excellent organizing principle around which to explore what the talented bar folk of Los Angeles are doing with the region's fresh produce, housemade bitters, and the occasional tobacco-infused honey. Here are eight of our favorites rum drinks in L.A.

Our Picks:
Streetfighter at Playa
The Evening Glass-Off at the Spare Room
Real McCoy at The Tasting Kitchen
Ray's Swizzle at Stark Bar
Zombie at 1886 at the Raymond
The Avocado Project at Picca
Tabacco Vanilla at Rosé
Hemingway Daiquiri at La Descarga