Spot of Tea: Tradewinds Bottled Teas


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

We received some samples of these bottled teas and couldn't resist a quick review—when it's crazy-hot, we're just not into steeping and sipping the steaming stuff.

The Tradewinds Unsweet Tea is pretty refreshing, just a bare hint of bitterness and a tiny bit of tang. (It doesn't claim to be lemony, but there is citric acid in the list of ingredients.) For the most part, we liked this stuff—it's on the plain side, but pretty similar to what we'd brew at home in flavor. Serious Eats Overlord Ed Levine polished this one off pretty quickly.

The Sweet Tea is pretty seriously sweet. It's sugar-sweetened, enough to make you say, "Wow!" but fans of sweet tea might find this convenient. We might blend it half and half with the unsweetened stuff.

The Extra Sweet was sugary enough to make Kenji giggle—this stuff is like drinking honey syrup. If your sweet tooth is seriously out of control, seek this stuff out and tell us if you can drink the whole thing.