Riesling Report: Hermann J. Wiemer Late Harvest Riesling 2009

July is riesling month! We're drinking it all month long...and maybe longer. Got a favorite riesling? Recommend it in the comments!


This Finger Lakes Spätlese-style riesling is so lively, so full of tangy, twangy acidity that your tongue curls a bit your your mouth. It's tasty stuff.

Up front, this wine tastes like powdered sugar sprinkled on top of lemon bars, but it has a bright splash of acidity that draws you through each sip. There's a pillow of fruit resting on a sharp gravelly outcropping—prominent green apple and lemon taffy (with secretive stone fruit) balancing on a mineral edge. It's about 2/3 fruit, 1/3 rocks. You're left with long, lingering tartness.

This wine could handle Thanksgiving food; it's a bit autumnal, really, and has the gentle richness to cope with stuffing, sweet potatoes, and a burnished, crisp-skinned turkey. If you would reach for Chardonnay in that setting, this is in many ways a better choice, given its heft but low alcohol (9.1%!), its tart freshness and lack of oak.

Around $20, sample provided for review.

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