Riesling Report: Gunderloch Riesling Kabinett, "Jean Baptiste" 2010

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I really enjoyed drinking this Rheinhessen wine, and I've seen other vintages go for $15 or even $11—keep an eye out. It's gently off-dry and fragrant, with hints of fennel and cardamom, fruit-and-pastry flavors like an apple turnover that showers you with powdered sugar when you take a bite. It's not the most complicated wine on the block, but it's just so pleasing.

It's woven together with a mesh of minerality and a delicate peachy ripeness, plus a little touch of butterscotch. This wine is largely floral and lychee-infused (you might be able to pick out magnolia blossoms or irises if you have a nose for that sort of thing) but it's not all salt water taffy and perfume, there's a light zing there too, a spritz of key lime. At 11% ABV, it's a little more fleshy than some. Serve it with lush hams or mortadella, potato chips, fried chicken, or calamari. This was just as delicious on the second day it was open.

Around $17, sample provided for review.

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