Brunch Drinks: The Pink Greyhound


[Photograph: Heather Arndt Anderson]

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One of my favorite things to do in the kitchen is to reinvent the wheel. You know, gild the lily a little. Fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice at brunch? Yes, please. A little vodka? Oh, why not. This cocktail is, for all intents and purposes, a greyhound, but I make it with fresh-squeezed pink grapefruit juice (Rio Star from Texas, if you're into cowboys) and rosemary simple syrup. It's a real dandy.

Simple syrups are such a cute way to zhuzh up a run-of-the-mill cocktail, aren't they? You get the true essence of the fruit or herb and a little sweetness, all in one. Of course, if you like things more on the dry side (or are watching your figure), you can always just infuse the spirits themselves and omit the syrup.

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