Make These 5 Summer Cocktails from No. 9 Park in Boston

[Photographs: Meredith Smith]

Ted Kilpatrick helms the bar program at No. 9 Park and has set his sights on pushing the limits of drinks that function alongside the fine dining menu. "Over the last year or so, I've been trying to get each menu a little more aggressive than the one before it," he said. He's well-versed in the classics, but Kilpatrick has a penchant for modern twists, as his summer drink menu makes apparent.

There's a story behind each cocktail; a little history in each equation. "Every time it's time to change the menu we get to look into history and be cocktail archaeologists and figure out why recipes call for this or that," Ted explained. As for the most recent incarnation of the menu, it definitely errs on the side of summery refreshment, featuring more citrus-based drinks and seasonally available ingredients. The most impressive attribute of these drinks is balance. In Kilpatrick's expert hands, even smoky scotch, rye, and foie gras-washed bourbon have a place in the company of tropical rum drinks.

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