Spot of Tea: Twinings Premium Lemon Twist Black Tea


I rarely put a lemon wedge in my tea, perhaps because I rarely have one on hand. But you can save your citrus for cocktails if you're drinking Twinings new Lemon Twist black tea.

Any subtle flavors of the tea itself are masked by the bold citrus flavor, but it doesn't taste artificial, and the soft backbone of the black tea holds it all together. This morning cup is a little earthy, a little herbal, with just a little bitterness; perhaps more from the lemon than the tea. Be sure to steep each bag a full 3 minutes (or more)—any less and you'll just get tart water. This tea is a worthy partner for your morning scone, and works quite well iced (as long as you brew it strong.)

Available online, about $3.60 for 20 tea bags.