Shakes With a View at Northpoint Custard in Milwaukee


[Photographs: Lacey Muszynski]

Location is everything, and that's what Northpoint Custard is banking on. Located just south of Bradford Beach on the shore of Lake Michigan, there's no better place to grab a shake on a hot, humid Midwest day.


Their custard is a little different than most of Milwaukee's stands: it's made in soft serve machines. That makes for a super soft, smooth textured milkshake. The vanilla is flavored with Madagascar vanilla, giving it a pleasant floral quality. The strawberry shake had soft chunks of berries throughout. It was a gorgeous deep pink color, and I couldn't help but think how beach-appropriate it looked.


The stand's chef recommended the caramel malt, which was super sweet and very malty. In fact, not all the malt dissolved into the shake and a few chunks remained. But no matter, between the luscious vanilla custard, the caramel sauce and the view, it was impossible to go wrong.

Northpoint Custard

2272 N. Lincoln Memorial Drive Milwaukee, WI 53202 (map) 414-727-4886;