If Peter Rabbit Was a Drinker: A New Brunch Cocktail


[Photograph: Heather Arndt Anderson]

Not all health-conscious people abstain. In fact, some of us don't mind a little tipple with our muesli. What better brunch cocktail for the health nut than one with carrot juice? More substantial than a mimosa, but not as stick-to-your ribs as a bloody mary; it's just the thing before heading out for a little hike through a sunny meadow full of clover-munching bunny rabbits and all that wholesome stuff.

I find the natural sweetness of carrots to be a perfect mixer. I also find the earthiness tends to feel a little heavy on its own in a beverage, though, so I add a little orange juice to the mix. It's not just that they're the same color; the citrus twang of orange juice cuts right through the carrot's rootiness.

The natural choice of spirits for a light, vegetal cocktail would be vodka. To brighten things up a skosh, I infused crisp Monopolowa vodka with thick swaths of orange zest, removed with a potato peeler (taking care to leave the bitter pith behind). Infused vodkas are a fast and easy way to add a little more flavor to any cocktail. Just pour enough vodka over the orange peel to cover, keep in an airtight jar for a couple days in a sunny window, and you're laughing.

Here's what to do: in a shaker, combine a jigger of the orange peel-infused vodka with two ounces of orange juice and three ounces of carrot juice and a handful of ice. Shake until light and frothy, strain into a martini glass and garnish with a sprinkle of clover blossoms. The bunny would have it no other way.

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