NYC Cocktail Week: Our Tips and Recommended Sips

[Photographs: Chris Lehault]

Cocktailling can be a costly hobby. With New York's finer cocktails approaching $15 a pop, an evening of these carefully crafted libations can run you the price of a Michelin-starred dinner for two. Thankfully, in the same vein as Restaurant Week, NYC Cocktail Week is here to help ease your entry into the world of high class imbibery by combining two of our favorite things...small plates and strong drinks!

From right now until June 29th, over a dozen of the city's finest mixologists are offering up two full size cocktails and an appetizer for a mere $20.11. The list includes such hot spots such as Employees Only, Pegu Club, Death & Company, and Clover Club. There are no reservations and secret passwords are required. Simply ask the bartender for the Cocktail Week menu, choose two from column "a" and one from column "b," and settle in for a delicious time.

Always up for a little cocktail adventure, we recently hit the town to uncover the finest offerings from NYC Cocktail Week. Click through the slideshow to see our favorite sips and nibbles.

Tips for Navigating NYC Cocktail Week

From the outside, Cocktail Week seems pretty straightforward. But once you get down to the details, things can get a bit tricky. Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your evening:

  • Cocktail Week is mostly for happy hour and mostly excludes the premium hours of 8 pm to 10 pm. Some venues will offer their $20.11 special after 10 pm, but we found a few venues that did not. Call ahead to avoid paying full price.
  • While some venues will let two people split the special, others require each member of your party to partake in two cocktails and an appetizer. If you are venturing to a few spots on the list, this can get dangerous for both your wallet and your composure. Again, call ahead or save a few dollars by having half your party order a beer or club soda and sneak an occasional sip.
  • Many venues do no offer the deal on weekends—check the NYC Cocktail Week site for restrictions.
  • Be polite and tip accordingly—you're getting a great deal, and your bartender is still working hard.