Cool Drinks, NY: Shakerato at Eataly


[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

At at the Lavazza Cafe inside Eataly, they're turning out classic Caffe Shakeratos, $3.30 a serving. Espresso, a bit of sugar, and ice are all shaken together until frothy, with icy bits at the bottom of the glass.

The shakerato is as much dessert as drink, especially when sweetened with your choice of amaretto or orange syrup. Ask them to go light on the syrup; a little goes a long way in terms of sweetness, but it's delicious.

If you're a shakerato fiend (and who isn't on hot summer days?), keep in mind that Tarallucci E Vino also has a shakerato on the menu—theirs ($2.75) is shaken with a splash of sugar, milk, and ice, served in a martini glass.


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