4 Great Sangria Recipes for Summer Entertaining


Apple sangria. [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

You've got a grill, you've got the grillables. You've got deck chairs and a kiddie pool and hopefully a cooler full of pilsner. But a summer party is even more festive with a big pitcher of sangria. And we're not just talking the standard stuff; here are four fun variations on the classic mix of wine, fruit, and spirits. These drinks are perfect for summer entertaining because you can make a giant batch—and most of them get tastier with a few hours in the fridge.

White Wine Sangria


[Photo: Shell Tu]

When we say sangria, we usually picture a bunch of fruit bobbling around in a wine-filled pitcher. But this sleek Starfruit Sangria is part sangria, part gin cocktail, part lemonade, and completely refreshing. Slices of starfruit on the sides of each glass make for a nice presentation; you could also float them in the pitcher if you're pressed for time.

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[Photo: Robyn Lee]

When the weather gets really hot, a cooling cup of watermelon juice is just the ticket. Even better? Fresh Watermelon Sangria. Crushed watermelon, crisp white wine, lime juice, and a splash of rum come together in a drink that's about as refreshing as running through a sprinkler. Feel free to add a sprig of mint.

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Red Wine Sangria


[Photograph: Jessica Leibowitz]

If you're usually a cocktail person, we recommend the Manhattan Sangria, which features bing cherries soaked in cognac, red wine, and sweet vermouth (we like Dolin, though Carpano Antica would probably be amazing, too.)

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Diana Barrios Treviño's recipe for fruity and fresh Apple Sangria (pictured at top) has a secret ingredient: half a cup of applesauce. It may sound weird, but the result is wonderful, with tons of bright apple flavor and just a little bit of texture.

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Do you have a favorite sangria recipe for summer entertaining?