Cool Drinks, DC: Dolcezza Gelato's Avocado-Honey-Orange Shake


[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

This time of year, I start craving avocado shakes, the kind you find at Vietnamese restaurants, made with fresh avocados, ice, sweet condensed milk and nothing more. These shakes are my warm weather savior, but they're a little on the rich side.

If you want something lighter, look no further than Washington DC-based Dolcezza. During the warmer months, expect to find variations on avocado featured weekly. Their Avocado-Honey-Orange sorbet is dairy-free but the ridiculously creamy texture may have you doubting the claim. Have them blend it up into a signature shake ($7.50). It's more of an ice-based slushie than a shake, but it's still naturally creamy from the avocado. Citrus notes brighten the whole affair, and the honey plays a very minor, mild role. This drink won't weigh you down in the least, but it delivers all the satisfaction of light summer flavors.

Dolcezza Gelato

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