Spot of Tea: Twinings Jasmine Green Tea


When drinking Twinings, I typically stick to black teas like Earl Grey or Irish Breakfast. So I was pleasantly surprised at how much I love their Jasmine Green Tea. It's light and refreshing, with none of the herbal bitterness that is sometimes found in stronger green teas. In fact, while a slight grassiness reminds me that I'm drinking green tea, the flavor is otherwise closer to a white tea.

What makes this tea really soothing is the jasmine. The flowers impart a light floral flavor, but one that is subtly sweet rather than perfumey. It's important to only steep this tea for a minute or two to maintain the clean flavor. Best of all, I've found this makes a delicious iced tea and as the days get warmer, I'll definitely be keeping a pitcher in my refrigerator.

Available online; $3.99 for twenty teabags