Choffy: Chocolate You Brew Like Coffee


Sometimes hot chocolate can feel too heavy and filling, but chocolate-flavored teas are often weak and unsatisfying. What's a cacao lover to do?

The folks at Choffy are offering one unusual solution: they're bagging 100% organic cacao beans, roasted and ground, and meant be brewed like coffee. The grinds smell incredible (as does the brewed cup after 4 to 5 minutes in a French press.) They say you can use a drip machine as well, but it really didn't work in our Chemex—prolonged contact helps make this hot drink flavorful.

The brewed cup is remarkably full bodied, picking up some of the protein from the beans as well as tons of flavor. If you're a chocolate lover who mostly enjoys sweet candies, this stuff may not be for you; it's naturally bitter, with fruity acidity. But if you get excited about the complex flavors of high-cacao content chocolate, you should look into Choffy.

The Ivory Coast version is smooth and focused, with a bright tartness. La Espagnola is earthier, almost smoky, though some tasters found it a little muddy. Both are good with a scant teaspoon of sugar.

$15 for 12 ounces, available online. We received a sample for review.