Happy Hour: Flatbush Farm Bar(n), Brooklyn

Editor's Note: There's little better than a good drink deal, particularly in a pleasant setting (with a bite or two) in those post-work, pre-sunset hours. We'll be checking them out each week and letting you in our finds around New York. Got a favorite happy hour to recommend? Let us know in the comments.


[Photo: Carey Jones]

I'd happily drop $6/pint to while away a spring evening on Flatbush Farm's spacious patio. But I'd rather pay $4/pint, of course.

This North Slope spot is half restaurant (that'd be the Farm) and half bar (that'd be the Bar(n)); they share a backyard, and while the restaurant half has table service, I'd rather pop into the bar to grab a drink and a snack and carry them to the tables to kick back outside. Especially weekday nights from 5pm-7pm, when at the bar half, all pints and glasses of wine are $2 off. That means full pints of Doc's Pear Cider or malty-hoppy Coney Island Lager for $4, or a juicy but earthy glass of Gamay for $7.


There's a lengthy list of bar snacks, but we were perfectly content with a plate of the oiled, blistered, Maldon-sprinkled shishito peppers ($5)—some mild, some spicy, perfect with a beer. Two pints and a plate of peppers for $13: definitely my idea of a happy hour.

Flatbush Farm Bar(n)

76-78 St. Marks Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11217 (map) 718-622-3276