Hangover Helper: Reuben Pasty at Saraveza, Portland OR

Hangover Helper

Just what the doctor ordered.


[Photos: Jim Bonomo]

The perfect hangover breakfast needs to be hot, comforting, and served alongside some of the hair of the dog that bit you. The Reuben Pasty ($8.75) at Saraveza puts checkmarks in all of those boxes, offering the weary eater a pocket full of bold flavors in the most pleasant of homey packages.


Saraveza one-ups the conventional Reuben by substituting rye bread with a buttery, flaky pastry dough that elevates this dish in to the upper echelon of Portland's hangover cures.

Slightly smoky, seriously salty house cured Painted Hills corned beef mingles with a sweet kraut. Swiss cheese cuts through the twang, and a side of Thousand Island is where it belongs (on the side).

The smart imbiber would select the always-offered habanero curry mustard to dress his pasty, which provides an electrified snap to your taste buds with each peppery bite. Seasonal pickles arrive on the side, and make you that much more thirsty for each delicious sip of A.M. beer. If you're craving eggs, the pickled-then-deviled variety offered at Saraveza make a nice side dish.

Saraveza Pasty Tavern

1004 N Killingsworth Street, Portland, OR 97217 (map) 503-206-4252; saraveza.com