Pop Star: Fizzy Lizzy


Fizzy Lizzy, the popular line of no-sugar-added fruit sodas, recently released a new flavor: Tangerine Passion Fruit. Though we're always up for new things, we wondered how it stacked up to their other flavors, so we gathered the whole lineup and tasted our way through. Which Fizzy Lizzy is the best? That depends if you're looking for tart or tropical, sour or sweet.

We're big fans of pricey super-tart 100% cranberry juice, and we often ration it by thinning it down with seltzer. Fizzy Lizzy's Cranberry reminded us of that combo. It's deeply cranberry-flavored, with just a little sweetness to balance the natural tartness and bitterness of the berries. Our whole team liked this one.

Our overall favorite on the sweeter side was the Pineapple flavor, which is really juicy with complex, almost caramelized pineapple flavor. It's tropical and intense, and we're tempted to try it in a cocktail with a little rum.

We were split on the Grapefruit Fizzy Lizzy. It's quite sour, with a burst of fresh pink grapefruit flavor, and not much sweetness. It reminded us of squeezing a breakfast grapefruit into a spoon. Lovers of really tart flavors should toss out other grapefruit sodas and convert to Fizzy Lizzy, but some of our tasters found the rindy bitterness of this drink overwhelming. (That's fine; save it for the rest of us!)

The Yakima Grape flavor is full of almost winelike ripe-Concord flavors, with enough tartness to keep it from tasting like Bubblelicious. Even non-grape fans were pretty impressed by this one, though we'd be more likely to reach for cranberry when we're craving something tart.


The Raspberry Lemon flavor is sweet but tart enough to taste fresh. The flavor is nearly electric; a combination of real lemons and melted raspberry candy.

The only flavor that we really weren't that wild about was the Fuji Apple. It's not that it's bad, it's just not exciting. Like thinned, carbonated cider, but not as intense in flavor as the other options.

So where did the new Tangerine Passon Fruit stand? If you're a fan of Orangina, you'll likely recognize the flavors here, though there's a bit more juicy tangerine in this soda. It has a slightly bitter rind-like edge, and it's sweet without tasting fake. It wasn't our favorite of the bunch (we'll hand that honor to the cranberry and pineapple) but we're happy to sip it.

Are you into Fizzy Lizzy? Got another favorite soda line we should check out? Let us know in the comments!