Destination-Worthy Malt: Kraverz in Milwaukee


[Photographs: Lacey Muszynski]

Kraverz is a frozen custard and burger stand in the Milwaukee suburb of Menomonee Falls with a huge menu. They serve everything from gyros to fish fry. But of course, we were there for our frozen dairy fix.

The shakes are made with frozen custard, so they're ultra smooth with a rich, even texture. The chocolate malt had a generous dose of malt powder—this is a malt for people who get frustrated by delicate, lightly malted versions. The chocolate flavor was light, but not too sweet, almost bittersweet. It let the malt flavor really shine.


The mint shake was made with mint syrup. It was barely green, but still packed a mint punch. After a meal of burgers and fried food, it was a welcome, refreshing ending.

Kraverz Frozen Custard

N88W15325 Main Street Menomonee Falls, WI (map); (262) 255-5728