'Dahlicious Lassi': Bottled Yogurt Drinks We Like


[Photo: Robyn Lee]

We like puns. We like yogurt. So we weren't too surprised that we liked Dahlicious Lassi, a line of Indian-style yogurt drinks we tried recently.

They've got a light, creamy-frothy texture that makes for easy drinking, particularly when served cold; the yogurt flavor comes through strongly, a little tart but not aggressively so. For the most part, they're not too sweet, which tends to be our problem with most yogurt drinks.

Our favorite was the Alphonso Mango version, made from the prized, honey-sweet mangos of Southwestern India; it's got the deep, tropical flavor of a super-ripe mango that's balanced by the tang of the yogurt. It tastes fresh, frankly, in a way that surprised us.

Wild Maine Blueberry (a more-or-less local nod; the drinks are produced in Vermont) tastes like a simple whirl of good berries and yogurt, without that cloying blueberry syrup thing going on.

We preferred either of those over the Oregon Strawberry (which had a concentrated, jammy flavor that we found a little too sweet) or the Ecuador Banana (which reminded us a little too much of faux banana flavor, even though it's made from the fruit). Still, all four are a good bit better than most yogurt drinks out there; we'd definitely grab one for breakfast on the go.