Destination-Worthy Floats and Shakes at Coppelia, NYC


[Photographs: Jessica Leibowitz]

The floats and shakes at Coppelia on West 14th Street are based on Pichet Ong's intensely flavored ice creams and sorbets, and they're not like any you've tasted before. The dulce de leche shake ($4.95) is intensely milky, almost buttery, thick and frothy. This dairy-forward shake is tongue-coatingly sweet, but perfect to offset an order of salty plantain chips.


With your eyes closed, you may not be able to place the flavors of the avocado shake. ($4.95) It's delicate and slightly floral, smooth and sweet, with just a hint of lime for balance. Don't worry, it's nothing like drinking icy guacamole.


If you have to choose just one, though, go with knockout Tamarind Float. ($4.95) Pichet Ong's tamarind sorbet has a lingering tartness, and it works wonderfully with fizzy water and a little condensed milk. It's both rich and fresh; creamy and wake-up-your-mouth sour. Stir it up for a puckering Creamsicle experience, or eat separately to enjoy the contrasting textures.

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207 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10011 (at 7th Avenue, map) 212-858-5001;