Spot of Tea: Republic of Tea Milk Oolong


[Photograph: Jessica Leibowitz]

The dark green leaves of the Republic of Tea's Milk Oolong tea are grown in the Fujian mountains of China. True to their name, the large, fragrant buds smell like condensed milk and even vanilla ice cream.

The taste of this tea is much more delicate than its smell, though its flavor will intensify depending on how long you choose to steep it. At two minutes, the taste is light, floral and fruity with a hint of jasmine. At five minutes, the tea darkens in color and strength becoming slightly earthy with notes of toasted rice, roasted peaches, and honey. Either way, this tea has a supremely supple and creamy texture, which sticks around through multiple infusions. We're happy it does; otherwise we'd go through tins of this tea way too fast.

$13 for 3.5 ounces loose tea, available online. We received a sample for review.

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