Spot of Tea: Juniper Ridge Douglas Fir Tea and Wild Sage and Mint Tea

[Photo: Robyn Lee]

Do you get tea fatigue? (Fateague?) If you drink the same herbal teas every day, you may be ready to switch it up; how about tea made from trees?

We're not kidding. The folks behind Juniper Ridge first tried Douglas Fir tea when their herbal-medicine teacher offered it to them on a class camping trip. It's a surprisingly delicate brew—don't expect it to taste like Pinesol. Juniper Ridge's Douglas Fir Spring Tips tea smells lightly piney but it's an easy to drink, slightly spicy brew tinged with lemon flavors. If we tasted it blind, we'd believe it was simply a mild lemongrass tea, perhaps blended with thyme and rosemary. In fact, it's 100% fir tree needles, and it's a tasty break from the ordinary.

Their White Sage and Wild Mint tea is even more aromatic, with the copious mint and white sage leaving your tongue and breath refreshed.This is an interesting variation on mint tea, a little more woodsy, herbal, and complex than your standard (though there's just a touch of soapiness in the flavor.) We think it would make particularly nice iced tea.

Available online, $10 for 20 unbleached teabags. We received a sample for review.