Small Batch Mixers: Tom's Handcrafted Tonic


[Photograph: Jessica Leibowitz]

The amber color of Tom's Handcrafted Tonic may be unsettling for those accustomed to crystal-clear G&Ts, but the flavor is earthy and rewarding, with intense citrus notes.

We're happy to drink it mixed 1 to 3 with club soda, but it becomes a fuller, richer gin and tonic than almost any we've ever tasted, the gin plugging spruce notes into the herbal tonic until they fuse completely. While citrus lightens it, you don't have to lean on limes to make this concoction delicious.

If you're wondering what to do with the SodaStream you got for Christmas, a little bottle of Tom's is an excellent—if pricey—addition to your bar.

$8.50/six ounce bottle; makes six drinks. Available online. We received a sample for review.