Beyond the Dark and Stormy: 6 Great Ginger Cocktails in San Francisco

[Photographs: Lauren Sloss]

We have a weakness for all things ginger—cookies, tea, pickled ginger shavings with sushi. So, when we began noticing ginger cropping up on more and more cocktail menus around San Francisco (and moving way beyond the Dark and Stormy), we knew we had some serious sipping to do.

The combination of ginger—muddled, pureed, or in liqueur form—and almost any spirit makes for a sweet and spicy combination with depth, and we were thrilled at the wide variety of libations we found in these Bay Area bars. While we didn't make it to every worthy spot (Cantina and Dosa, we're looking at you), we're confident when we tell you that these ginger drinks are some of San Francisco's best.

The drinks were many and they were strong, but an added bonus to our research? No upset stomachs. Must be because of ginger's tummy-taming qualities, doing good work amidst the liquor.