Milwaukee: Candy Shakes and Mild Malts at Oscar's Frozen Custard


[Photographs: Lacey Muszynski]

Oscar's frozen custard has been a staple in the West Allis neighborhood of Milwaukee for as long as I can remember. The dark brown brick building is sandwiched between car dealerships and strip malls on a busy stretch of street, an oasis of dessert.

The no-nonsense interior of yellow booths and counter service fits the selection of shakes and malts. All the standard flavors are represented, with a couple of candy-laden options thrown in, kind of like the Blizzards at Dairy Queen.

The hot fudge malt had a swirl of fudge that didn't get completely mixed into the custard stuck on the inside of the cup, a sure sign that it'll be rich with fudge flavor. But there was only a hint of malt flavor; if you're a malt-fanatic, you may want to ask for an extra dose of malt powder.


The candy in the Butterfinger shake was chopped finely enough that it could pass through the straw, but the candy bits require some chew (and may stick in your teeth.) This shake wasn't quite as thick as the malt; perhaps a little extra milk was added to get the candy to blend in.

Next time I'm at Oscars, I'll stick with more traditional shake flavors; perhaps candy is better saved for sundaes.

Oscar's Frozen Custard

2362 South 108th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53227 (map) (414) 327-5220;