Drinks Discovery: Wang Derm Thai Iced Tea


[Photograph: Meister]

What is it about Thai iced tea that makes it so perfectly crave-worthy? Is it the subtly floral vanilla note? The deliciously mouth-coating sweetened condensed milk? That beautiful orange fluorescence? The knowledge that it will wash down a steaming plate of pad see ew?

Who cares, as long as I can find a way to have it any time I want?

A recent trip to Chinatown brought that dream to life, with the discovery of Wang Derm's individually bagged Authentic Thai Iced Tea. These fragrant little satchels of vanilla-kissed tea can be brewed and enjoyed hot or chilled; unadulterated or sugared up; with milk or without (sweetened-condensed or otherwise).

I personally find most restaurant versions of this chuggable treat to be too cloying, but these little bags are in heavy rotation among our range of dinnertime drinks—brewed hot with honey, then mixed with a little soy milk and poured over ice. The perfect accompaniment to, say, those coconut shrimp from Tiki week.

Available at Amazon, $6.99 for 20 bags.