Happy Hour: Ofrenda, NYC

Editor's Note: There's little better than a good drink deal, particularly in a pleasant setting (with a delicious appetizer or two) in those post-work, pre-sunset hours. We'll be checking them out each week and letting you in our finds around New York. Got a favorite happy hour to recommend? Let us know in the comments.


[Photo: Carey Jones]

Nothing says "happy hour" like a well-made five-dollar margarita. Ofrenda in the West Village is a great place just before dinnertime, with light streaming in through the full-length windows or, on warmer days, out on the few sidewalk tables.

A simple margarita will set you back just $5 ($1 more for frozen or flavored drinks; still a sizable discount off their regular menu). Though ours was a bit sweet on the front end, it seems nicely balanced after the first sip—that sweetness balanced by the acid of the lime and the sharp bite of tequila. (We're fans of the jalapeño margarita, too, though it's not on the happy hour menu.)

The red sangria is another good $5 choice: red wine with rum and tequila, dry and powerful with cranberry and orange juices and simple syrup that tone down the booze without leaving the drink sweet or fruity.


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But while you're there, you'd be wise to order a bite or two. There's a long list of antojitos, discounted to $6.50, to choose from: we'd recommend the fiery camarones al ajillo, tail-on shrimp swimming in a sea of garlic butter and chile de arbol—or, even better, the chorizo nachos. Each crisp, salty chip is smothered in a loose, spicy-vinegary crumbled chorizo with pico de gallo, an avocado cream, and a bit of pepper jack cheese. They're well-proportioned, not unevenly cheesed chips, and the best thing we've eaten at Ofrenda.


113 Seventh Avenue South, New York NY 10014 (b/n W. 10th and Christopher; map) 212-924-2305