Hangover Helper: Mac 'n Cheese Pancake Sandwich, Shopsin's, NYC

Hangover Helper

Just what the doctor ordered.


[Photo: Carey Jones]

New York's Kenny Shopsin is well-known for his mac 'n cheese pancakes, improbable but terribly delicious creations in which cheese and pasta are suspended in pancake batter. They get the crisp-cheese edges of grilled cheese sandwich spillover and the gooey-doughy combination of any good cheese bread; part sweet, part savory, they're a hangover cure all on their own.

But why stop there? In typically Shopsinian excess, the pancakes serve as sandwich buns on the Mo'Betta and Mo'Betta 2 (each $18). In the latter, pictured above, a mountain of buttery soft-scrambled eggs and sweet maple sausage are sandwiched by two enormous mac 'n cheese cakes. While it admittedly sounds a bit absurd, the eggs just add to the pancakes' buttery richness, the sausage to their sweetness; eaten all together, it's salty and eggy, cheesy and meaty and sweet. One could go the hot sauce route or the syrup route; I prefer the latter, but could probably be convinced either way.

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