Milk Mustache, NY: Milkshakes at Brats in Chelsea


PB&J on the left, Milkaholic on the right [Photograph: Maggie Hoffman]

The milkshakes at Daniel Angerer's Austrian diner, Brats, are quick-melting—more frothy than thick—but unusual and delicious.

They're not enormous for $5.95, but the each shake showcases really good dairy. (And other substances, like tobacco, but we skipped that one. Sorry, kids.)

The PB&J is frothy, smooth, and impressively peanutty, like the interior of a peanut butter M&M, but you don't get any jelly flavor until you bite the crisp candied popcorn floating on top. We're ok with that; we didn't want globs of jelly in our shake anyway.

The Milkaholic is like chocolate milk you might make at home, except several times richer—and it's made with a blend of sheep's milk, goat's milk, cow's milk, and honey, with a chocolate swirl that mostly settles to the bottom. There's the slight tang, but this isn't a health-food yogurt drink. It's easily overpowered by Angerer's kraut-topped dogs, so you might want to order this on its own as an afternoon snack.


362 West 23rd Street, New York 10011 (near 9th Avenue, map) 646-350-2557;