Hot Drinks, NY: Winter Warmth at Soy Cafe

20110217 -138403 - Soy Cafe - Winter Warmth.jpg

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

Soy Cafe in the West Village has a reputation for being that sort of vegan health food shop, but in all truth, they turn out some pretty excellent hot drinks.

The Winter Warmth ($4.50) couples frothed matcha with a spicy shot of ginger-infused honey. It's at once invigorating and comforting, and just sweet enough. Soymilk is the default, but once you go the whole milk route with an extra hit of the ginger-honey, there's no going back.

Come summer, you'll want to give one of the house Soyafrosts ($4.50) a spin. The icy concoctions are a simple blend of fruit and/or tea with soymilk and ice, and I'm particularly partial to the matcha-mango and matcha-honey combination.

Soy Cafe

115 Greenwich Avenue, New York, NY 10014 (map) 212-229-9898