Spot of Tea: SerendipiTea Peace


[Photograph: Jessica Leibowitz]

With bright blue cornflower petals mixed into the loose black tea, this blend (put together for the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps) is certainly eyecatching. The addition of golden raisins also piqued our interest, but to be honest, we couldn't taste them in the brewed cup.

SerendipiTea Peace is mellow and really smooth, with the slightest hint of bergamot to balance any bitterness. We prefer it steeped around four minutes—it's too mild at three and too bitter at five. It has a bit of nuttiness and gentle, subtle herbal and floral character, but it's nowhere near as spicy as Kusmi's Prince Vladimir, which brims with clove and vanilla by comparison.

$12 for 4 ounces loose tea, available online. We received a sample for review.

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