San Francisco: Bonnie and Clyde at Blackbird

20110210-139764-Bonnie and Clyde-Blackbird Bar-SF.jpg

[Photograph: Mariah Gardner]

Who doesn't love a good pair? Adam and Eve, Thelma and's always more interesting when they're up to no good and I, for one, am a sucker for any romance that ends in a getaway into the bullet-riddled sunset.

So naturally, walking into an unfamiliar bar and seeing the option of a Bonnie and Clyde chalked up on the cocktails board means a) I'll order it regardless of what it contains and b) if it's terrible, I'll never return—you don't name just any cocktail after a pistol-packing romance like that.

Luckily for Blackbird, their version of the infamous pair stands up pretty damn well. In fact, the coupling of High West's Silver Whiskey and Dolin Blanc (a light, sweet Vermouth) was fantastic. Organic chamomile liqueur and baked apple bitters gave it a light cider-y taste, almost like a chilled honey-wine, while the whiskey rounded it out with its smoky aftertaste.

The bar itself, quietly humming on a weekday night, was also an interesting mix—billing itself as a "neighborhood bar" the Market and Church spot's definitely hipper than your average dive with the current trend of old-timey-meets-arty decor, but I can hardly hold that against them when the lighting's low, the bartender's friendly, and I'm sipping an ode to my favorite terrible twosome.

That just might call for one more for the road.

Blackbird Bar

2124 Market Street, San Francisco, CA (map) 415-503-0630;