Daredevil Drinks: Prometheus Springs Lychee Wasabi


[Photo: Robyn Lee]

If you read the Serious Heat column on Serious Eats, you probably know all about capsaicin, the natural compound that makes chile peppers hot and causes a burning sensation in your mouth. Prometheus Springs makes a line of "capsaicin spiced elixirs" which contain capsaicin extract. They are, as you may have guessed, mighty spicy.

But after you take your first sip and the burning sensation dies down, other flavors assert themselves. Of the three versions currently available, I found the Lychee Wasabi ($2.78) to be the most balanced. The lychee adds pleasant floral notes and just enough sweetness to steady the spice.

We immediately started brainstorming spicy cocktails—how about lychee wasabi shaken with sake? Or with gin and a lemon twist? Or better yet, throw this stuff in your ice cream maker for an unusual sorbet.

Take note: the fiery flavor intensifies as the drink warms up. So unless you're a spice fiend, drink it cold or on the rocks.

Available at Whole Foods and other stores, or you can buy a case online.