Cool Drinks, NY: Iced Chocolate at Francois Payard Bakery

20110210 - 137210 - Francois Payard - Iced Chocolate.jpg

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

The Iced Chocolate ($4) from Francois Payard Bakery is a contender for the richest, thickest cool concoction in town. When I ordered it, the woman at the register asked, "Are you sure? It's very thick."

She wasn't kidding. This stuff is thick enough to justify using a spoon. The drink hovers slightly on the too sweet side for fans of dark hot chocolate, but if you let the ice melt for a few minutes, then give it brisk stir, it'll lighten up perfectly.

Francois Payard Bakery

116 West Houston Street, New York, NY 10012 (map) 212-995-0888;