New Jamba Juice Fruit & Veggie Smoothies


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Jamba Juice launched a new smoothie line this week that features vegetables. Is it a dirty veggie-disguising trick or a delicious new way to drink your salads? We grabbed two of them to find out.

The green option, called Apple 'n Greens, tasted mostly like bananas, and if it weren't such a vivid green color you probably wouldn't guess that it contains "juices of dark leafy green vegetables, carrots and lettuce, along with spirulina." It has a distinct apple juice flavor and sweetness; when added to the banana, we found it pretty cloying. Tone done the sweetness and give us more greens, we say!

The intensely magenta-tinted Berry UpBEET smoothie looks much more appetizing, and has a pop of frozen-strawberry and blueberry flavor up front. But there's a vague vegetal aftertaste that only fades a little after a few tongue-freezing sips. Don't worry if you're not a beet fan; we couldn't really detect them. But we won't be racing back to get a refill.

Have you tried Jamba's veggie smoothies?

Each 24-ounce Original size smoothie was $5.70 at our local Jamba Juice, though prices may vary.