Coffee Chronicles: New Gimme! Coffee Location Joins Northside Williamsburg Throngs

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[Photos: Liz Clayton]

Ithaca-based roaster Gimme! Coffee, whose Williamsburg outpost is lauded as one of the first to bring serious, contemporary-wave coffee to the boroughs, plans to open its second Brooklyn (and third New York City) store later this month. In—wait for it!—Williamsburg.

The new cafe on Roebling will join a legion of other recent-comers (Modca, Blue Bottle and El Beit to name a few) in populating the Northside Williamsburg neighborhood once solely dominated by Greenpoint-based roaster Oslo Coffee.

Along with the company's third NYC shop will come the continuing changes we expect from an evolving coffee community: espresso drinks will expand to include single origin offerings—a new feature that not even Gimme!'s upstate cafes offer yet. Look for some of the roaster's current filter coffee menu—like perhaps their gorgeous Honduras Las Penitas Cup of Excellence coffee? Maybe something from Brazil?—to show up roasted for espresso beverages.

And next to those triple-ristretto shots will be manually brewed coffee via the immersion brew-cone Clever Dripper, a method only a few local cafes (and Serious Eats Headquarters) have embraced. Speedier urn-brewed coffee will satiate the hurried to-go masses shuffling towards the L train. Continuing the chain's coffee-is-our-only-thing aesthetic, food items will be confined to a limited number of pastries.

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The store's comparatively sprawling space (good luck finding a place to have a conversation at their Nolita espresso bar) will allow for a staff training facility, as well as room in the public areas for regular cuppings and other events.

Though Northside Williamsburg's "coffee alley" may be starting to feel crowded, we're not worried—there's probably always room for one more cup.