Milk Mustache: Cocoa Metro Chocolate Milk


[Photograph: Elizabeth Bomze]

A few weeks ago, one of my coworkers proposed a game to help while away a long workday afternoon. The question: If you could have only four beverages (in addition to water) for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Most of the answers were what you'd expect for a group of food-types in the 25-45 age range. Lots of coffee and red wine; Coke; Gatorade; and good Scotch. A few lemonades and iced teas. One guy cleverly opted for grain alcohol, lest he be living out his days on a desert island with no hospital. And there were a handful of oddball (though admirable) choices like grape juice, port, and Cheerwine.

None of those drinks made my top 4 list, but I was glad to see that one of my picks did show up on several other ballots: chocolate milk. Ironically, I'm not a huge chocolate fan, and could take or leave most chocolate cakes, cookies, and candy bars. But brown milk is another story. I grew up sneaking bottles of Hershey's when my health-conscious parents weren't looking, and nowadays try every new brand I come across, including this local New England brand called Cocoa Metro.

Owners Mike and Lizzy Dunford are clearly marketing their product as a whimsical treat for adults (and kids with sophisticated palates) who might think they've outgrown chocolate milk. Called "dark drinking chocolate," the 2 percent Connecticut milk is fully loaded with Callebaut cocoa, plus evaporated cane juice, vanilla, and some carrageenan for (I'd guess) viscosity.

When you pour it into a glass, it's thick and heavy—almost batter-like—which can make it seem more like a dessert than a beverage. (In fact, the Dunford's suggest topping it with ice cream and making it into a float.) To be honest, sometimes that richness is a bit much to take; maybe I prefer my chocolate milk slightly milkier, runnier, and smoother. But any fellow dark chocolate fans out there should give it a whirl, if only to see if it makes your top 4 list.

In the meantime, do any of you have awesome chocolate milk suggestions to share?

Cocoa Metro
Available at several New England specialty stores including Russo's, Formaggio Kitchen, Bread and Chocolate, City Feed and Supply, and several Whole Foods Markets.