Drinking Nationally: Beer Cocktails

Lately we've noticed a lot of beer-based cocktails on bar menus all around the country. Whether it's a chocolaty imperial stout, a tart Flanders red, or a dash of bitter pale ale, beer adds complex flavor and refreshing effervescence to a mixed drink. As Ezra Johnson-Greenough of Brewing Up Cocktails says:

Beer cocktails are just a natural evolution in creativity. Cocktails use soda, spices, juices, extracts, etc. so why not something as complex as beer? And brewers and beer geeks have already rediscovered that aging beer in barrels that once held spirits can impart wonderful flavors—that itself is very similar to a beer cocktail.

So we sent a few Serious Drinkers out to sample some of the country's tastiest beer-based cocktails. The verdict: they're delicious.

Check out the slideshow for a few sips of our favorite beertails from Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, New York, San Diego, and Philadelphia.

Want to try some more beer cocktails? If you're in San Francisco, consider checking out Brewing Up Cocktails at 111 Minna Gallery on March 26.