Announcing Serious Eats: Drinks!


[Photos: Robyn Lee]

Welcome, Serious Eaters, to our brand new Drinks blog! This new section of Serious Eats edited by longtime contributor Maggie Hoffman has been a frequent request from our community members, and we're thrilled to debut it today.

What will you find under the new "Drinks" tab? Everything to do with anything to do with your thirst. How about a beer? Sure. Cocktails? Of course. Wine? You bet. But the wet world goes way beyond those, and so does our new blog. We're pouring fresh coverage on coffee, tea, hot chocolate, juice, smoothies, sodas and shakes. We'll be checking out what to drink and where to drink it—all across the country. Whether you're an oenophile or teetotaler, a beer nerd or a bubble tea fanatic, a stirrer or a shaker, there's something for you on Serious Eats: Drinks.

What are our hopes for Drinks? That it be easy to use, and that it be engaging, informative, and—dare we say—entertaining.

What you'll be seeing: a combination of new faces along the writers you've come to love, from Paul Clarke, who has been sharing his insights on cocktails since the very beginning of Serious Eats, to Will Gordon, whose hilarious musings on bottom-shelf booze have quickly become a site favorite. There will be coffee intel from barista-trainer Erin Meister, and tea-riffic jottings from Liz Clayton. We'll have beer pairings, soda taste tests, homebrewing tips, delicious recipes for cocktails (and lots of alcohol-free options), plus many new surprises along the way. Our beverage coverage has outgrown its old digs; it has graduated and moved out into its own home. That's a pretty exciting thing.


At the top of the page, you'll see indexes by topic that make it easy to find the drink that interests you most. We've equipped the new blog with tons of cool navigational tools: you can view beer articles sorted by style, wine articles by grape, and cocktail recipes by spirit, in addition to seeing the latest posts. As the site grows, we'll keep working to make it better.

As always, the most valuable resource at Serious Eats: Drinks will be you, the community. We hope you'll chime in with your recommendations and advice. Let us know how we're doing! You can reach us in the comments section of every post, on Serious Eats: Talk, or by email. We hope you'll join the Drinks conversation on Twitter and Facebook, too! Want to keep up with Drinks every week? Sign up for our newsletter and you'll never miss out on great sippable stuff.


Take it for a test drive—or perhaps I should say test swim. Jump in! Serious Eats: Drinks is just the right temperature.