Sugar Rush: Almond Butter Lover at Moomah

20100614Moomah Almond Butter Lover.jpg

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

My smoothie consumption increases manifold during the summer. I have a mental list of all my favorite spots in town for these sweet drinks-as-meals, and one of these places is Moomah Cafe in Tribeca—a cafe perhaps better known for catering to the mommy and baby crowd. With that said, their lattes are among the best in Tribeca, and smoothies here are no laughing matter. The Almond Butter Lover ($5.95) makes for a filling and cooling breakfast. An almond butter-based smoothie with bananas, dates, and rice milk is creamy with a lingering nuttiness, but not a bit heavy. What makes this extra-memorable is the generous pinch of sea salt for an unanticipated twist.


161 Hudson Street, New York NY 10013 (map) 212-226-2078