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We Try Super-Portable STACKED Wines

Wine Under $20 Seema Gunda 10 comments

The set of four 187-mL pre-poured cups are sealed and stacked on top of one another. They're handy the way juice boxes are, since you don't have to deal with bottles, corkscrews, or glasses. This means you can take them on picnics, camping trips, or wherever your heart desires. More

Seema's Favorite Budget Wines of 2012

Wine Under $20 Seema Gunda 1 comment

As the holiday season approaches its peak, I've put together a line-up (or a wine-up!) of my favorite affordable sips of the year. Red and white, still and sparkling, Old World and New. Take this list with you if you're stocking up for familiy visits and parties to come in the next few weeks. More

6 Budget-Friendly Sparkling Wines for Parties

Wine Under $20 Seema Gunda 3 comments

If you want to get your holiday or New Year's party started bubbly style, we're here to help. These budget bottles are all less than $15 so you can stock up for the celebrations to come. More

We Try Pink Floyd Wine (and The Other 'Wines That Rock')

Drinking with Will Gordon Will Gordon 2 comments

Among the reds, I preferred the Rolling Stones Forty Licks Merlot. Is this because of the black cherry, apricot, and vanilla flavors, or because the Stones are my favorite of the bands represented? More

Our Search for the Best Chianti Under $20

Wine Under $20 Seema Gunda 2 comments

I have to admit that the range of home cooking in my apartment is pretty limited, particularly on weeknights when the ingredients of time and proper planning tend to be lacking. My boyfriend's go-to dish is "Chicken a la Frank's"—basically a chicken breast dropped into a pan with some Frank's hot sauce. When backup is inevitably required, I usually opt for simple, tomato-based pasta dishes. And what better to bring to a table of simple Italian cooking than rustic Italian wine? Fortunately for us, enjoying Sangiovese doesn't have to mean blowing the budget. More

Comparing Chilean Wine: Trader Joe's Viñas Chilenas vs. Santa Rita 120

Wine Under $20 Seema Gunda 2 comments

Trader Joe's has taken advantage of good deals in Chilean wine by releasing their own brand of Trader Joes Viñas Chilenas wines—a line of bottles that are $4 a pop. We tried 4 bottles in the lineup against competing brand Santa Rita 120. More

Wine List Tips: The Best Wine at Red Lobster

Wine Under $20 Seema Gunda 8 comments

Laced with plenty of butter and cheddar cheese, the biscuits at Red Lobster are pretty freakin' tasty. The rest of the food? Well, you can probably do better, depending where you are, but sometimes, you find yourself at a Red Lobster, and you're thirsty. We're here to help. Keep this list handy if you want to pick out a wine you won't regret. More

Most Ridiculous Wine Packaging: Volere Wine Purse

Wine Under $20 Maggie Hoffman 5 comments

We love when good wine is packaged in a box—it keeps for weeks in the fridge, even if you only tap it a single glass at a time. It's environmentally friendly (shipping heavy glass bottles has a huge carbon footprint) and it saves us money. But we're less convinced by wine in a cardboard purse. More

Our Search for the Best Gewurztraminer Under $20

Wine Under $20 Seema Gunda 7 comments

Usually I reach for a dry Riesling or a partially-oaked Chardonnay, but if my notorious sweet tooth kicks in or I'm opting out of dessert for the night, Gewürztraminer hits the spot. Often on the floral side and somewhat effervescent, this wine can be a refreshing alternative to your go-to white, especially when you're looking for something that will go well with food. More

Our Search for the Best Viognier Under $20

Wine Under $20 Seema Gunda 6 comments

Viognier is one of my favorite affordable-wine options because it makes some pretty interesting wines that can please a lot of different people. For manly men who prematurely decide white wine is too feminine for them, Viognier offers a rich, medium to full bodied white that can stand up to hearty food. For people who like their wine on the sweeter side, there are some options that are round, floral, and a little sweet. More

How Much Do You Spend on Wine?

Wine Under $20 Maggie Hoffman 25 comments

Our recent Pinot Noir taste test and my recently-bare wine fridge got me thinking about how I spend my money. How do you allocate your wine budget? More

Wine List Tips: The Best Wine at The Olive Garden

Wine Under $20 Seema Gunda 16 comments

Today we begin our foray into exploring the wine lists at popular chain restaurants. If you find yourself at The Olive Garden, there's no sommelier, and no cutesy descriptions, but you will see many of the same wines at every branch (though there may be a little variation from location to location). We tasted our way through 23 wines that you'll find at The Olive Garden in order to point you toward the best deals. More

So This is a Thing: Cheeseburger Wine

Wine Under $20 Max Falkowitz 5 comments

Rootstock Cellars has released a Cheeseburger Red, designed specifically to pair with burgers. Does it? If by pair you mean a friendly, sweet, and non-threatening bottle under $15, sure. More

We Try Every Red Wine from Barefoot

Wine Under $20 Seema Gunda 7 comments

This week, we worked our way through the second chapter in the Barefoot lineup: the reds. And our journey was actually much more enjoyable than our tasting of Barefoot's whites. More

We Try Every White Wine from Barefoot

Wine Under $20 Seema Gunda 8 comments

My mom came into town this weekend. And she came to our Serious Eats wine tasting. I figured a lineup of Barefoot whites would actually be very appropriate for my mom, as most of what I've heard is that they tend to be light, fruity, and sweet (and inexpensive, at about $7 a bottle). Most of them fit the bill, but a couple stood out as much more palatable compared to the rest of the lot. More

Our Search for the Best Malbec Under $20

Wine Under $20 Seema Gunda 7 comments

They say all good things come in threes—The Three Musketeers, Three Blind Mice, Three-Minute Egg. I would give you a fourth example, but that just seems like poor judgment. Instead, I'll tell you about three brave grapes, that many years ago made the long and trying journey from a faraway land called "France" to an also faraway land called "South America". The names of these grapes are Carmenere, Tannat, and Malbec. For this post, we tried a whopping 22 bottles of Malbec to pick out our favorites to recommend. More

Our Search for the Best Zinfandel Under $20

Wine Under $20 Seema Gunda 17 comments

My love story with Zinfandel started at a small winery in Healdsburg, California called A. Rafanelli. Their Zins are ripe, slightly spicy, and just plain delicious. The only problem was that I lived in New York, and so I've had to put a lot of effort into this long distance relationship. My first trip there, I took back 2 bottles, the next 4, and before I knew it, I was sacrificing extra underwear in my suitcase to make space for all the wine. (Totally kidding...underwear is one of the best shock absorbers to prevent breakage during transit.) More

Serious Eats Amateur Wine Taste Along: New World Merlot Under $20

Wine Under $20 Seema Gunda 4 comments

I remember drinking Merlot after I saw the movie Sideways, and I thought, "What's the big deal? Why was he so angry about Merlot? Despite my own affinities for the glass in hand, it was sad to realize such a blanket statement about a grape would stick around for a while. Fortunately for us amateurs, we get to make up our own minds about this grape variety. Here are a few tips on where it's made, how to serve it, and some tasty (and affordable) bottles to try out. More

We Tried Every Red Wine from Yellow Tail

Wine Under $20 Seema Gunda 24 comments

In college, we used to have formals with all the exchange students from England who had come for the year. It was called a "formal" and half the people had British accents and we were all drinking wine, so it was clearly one of the more posh events on the social calendar. Needless to say there was a lot of wine consumed, and funding such efforts on a college budget usually meant one thing: Two Buck Chuck. I wish that back then we had splurged the extra few dollars and traded up to Yellow Tail. This week, we tasted all of Yellow Tail's red wine offerings and the rosé, a total of 11 bottles. Read on for the results. More

Yellow Tail Bubbles Sparkling Wines

Wine Under $20 Seema Gunda 3 comments

The bubblies are roughly aligned with the prices of the Yellow Tail varietal bottles, coming in at around $8 to 10, depending on where you buy. And each comes with a novel, resealable closure called a "Zork". Basically, you peel off a spiral of plastic (like some milk gallons have) and shimmy off the remaining closure. Less exciting without the pop one normally looks for in a sparkler, but it should keep the bubbles in the bottle for longer. But is the stuff beyond the Zork any good? More

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