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Portland Drinking Guide: The Best Spots for Cocktails Right Now

Where to Drink: Portland Emily McIntyre Post a comment

If you're wondering where to go for great cocktails in Portland, consider this your guide. More

Where to Buy Beer in Portland: The Best Bottle Shops

Where to Drink: Portland Adam Lindsley 2 comments

There's a reason beer lovers call Portland 'Beervana,' and it's not just the 52 (and counting) local breweries supplying the city's tap houses. Portland happens to be home to some of the most noteworthy beer bottle shops in the country. These are our picks for the very best of them. More

Chatting Whiskey with Tommy Klus at Multnomah Whiskey Library in Portland

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There's a reason they called it a library. "It's supposed to be an educational experience," bar manager Tommy Klus said of the recently opened Multnomah Whiskey Library on SW Alder in Portland. We chatted with Klus about his favorite cocktails on the menu, and some whiskeys he thinks you should try. More

The Best Dive Bars in Portland, OR

Where to Drink: Portland Amoris Walker 7 comments

Portland has plenty of great dives, complete with scruffy regulars, weird decor, cheap drinks, pinball, and drunken grandmas dancing at noon. Here are our 8 favorites. More

Where to Drink Coffee in Portland, Oregon

Coffee Liz Clayton 8 comments

Portland is arguably one of good coffee's best towns. Here's our guide to a few of the best cafes to visit. More

First Look: Cocktails at Expatriate in Portland

First Look Greg Harned 1 comment

A peek at Kyle Webster's cocktails at Expatriate, which he recently opened with his wife, chef Naomi Pomeroy of Beast. More

8 Deliciously Weird Beers We Tried at the Oregon Brewers Festival

Event Recaps Adam Lindsley 6 comments

The Oregon Brewers Festival, which regularly draws crowds of 80,000 or more, rolled into its 26th year with an emphasis on rare and unusual beers (like, for example, a beer fermented with yeast cultivated from the brewer's beard). We tried many of the 84 beers on tap—here are 8 of our favorite weird-but-delicious options. More

Where Bartenders Drink in Portland, OR

Where Bartenders Drink Maggie Hoffman 7 comments

For today's edition of Where Bartenders Drink, we hit up pros in Portland, Oregon. We asked them to recommend the best cocktail bars, spots for wine and beer, as well as their favorite Portland dive bars. More

First Look: Cocktails at Double Dragon in Portland, OR

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Double Dragon got its start as a banh mi shop, but it's since grown into a full-fledged restaurant with a revamped food and cocktail menu. Here's a peek at the drinks from Nick Ramsdell, formerly of Yakuza. More

Bartender's Choice: Tom Lindstedt On What to Drink at Little Bird in Portland, OR

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"Little Bird has a classic French bistro theme with a Pacific Northwest flair, and I tend to approach cocktails that support that theme," says Tom Lindstedt, lead bartender at Little Bird Bistro on Portland's SW 6th Avenue. "I like to take something recognizable and give it a French twist." We asked Lindstedt which cocktails we should order the next time we stop by Little Bird. Here's what he had to say. More

Our Favorite Smoothies in Portland, OR

Where to Drink: Portland Miranda Rake 1 comment

With summer just around the corner, and even a few sunny days under our belts, it's finally time to shed our heavy winter oatmeal breakfasts and hot soup lunches in favor of lighter, brighter ones. Like, say, big, colorful fruit and vegetable-packed smoothies. Whether you're seeking breakfast-on-the-go or an after-school snack, these 6 smoothies are the best Portland has to offer. More

First Look: Cocktails at Fish Sauce in Portland, OR

First Look Greg Harned 4 comments

"Tommy Klus is a walking encyclopedia of full of cocktail and spirits knowledge," says bartender Will Ray of Portland's recently-opened Fish Sauce. "When I met him, I felt like a newborn baby, even with six years of experience." The two first met when Ray was apprenticing at KASK and they're now shaking up American classic cocktails with a hint of Asian influence at the new Northwest Portland Vietnamese restaurant. "Tommy wanted the drinks to be refreshing and light—they should complement the complex flavors found in Vietnamese cuisine," says Ray. More

Our 8 Favorite Sips from the Portland Farmhouse and Wild Ales Festival

Event Recaps Adam Lindsley Post a comment

The recent resurgence in popularity of saisons and wild-fermentation ales was celebrated at Portland, Oregon's first Farmhouse and Wild Ales Festival, which featured over 30 different beers (many of them rare or one-offs) from nearly 20 breweries across Oregon and beyond. More

The Best Tiki Drinks in Portland, OR

Where to Drink: Portland Miranda Rake 3 comments

When most people think tiki, they probably don't think of grey and rainy Portland, OR. But they should! Tiki is, at its core, escapist. It's also retro and surreal-bordering-on-strange. Portland folks need a little escape, and they welcome with open arms all things vintage and especially all things peculiar. And now, young champions of all things mai tai have brought together craft cocktail methods and the dreamlike world of the tiki bar, most successfully at southeast Portland cocktail paradise, the Rum Club, and northeast's totally-tiki Hale Pele. More

First Look: Cocktails at Racion in Portland, OR

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"You get the best service when you sit at a bar," says chef Anthony Cafiera (formerly of Tabla) of the philosophy behind the open-kitchen/laboratory of his soon-to-open modernist Spanish restaurant, Racion, located in downtown Portland, Oregon. The cocktail program will include 6 rotating variations on classic cocktails, including a house margarita made with chorizo-infused tequila. Future plans include Chartreuse pearls destined for a boba tea-inspired cocktail and barrel-aged Campari. More

First Look: Cocktails at Levant in Portland, OR

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The restaurant, under the direction of chef/owner Scott Snyder, will serve Arab-inspired cuisine. Lydia Reissmueller created the bar program, which features 9 cocktails and an ever-changing series of "mini-cocktails": herb or spice-infused spirits served neat in small tasting glasses. More

Where to Take a Date for Cocktails in Portland, OR

Where to Drink: Portland Miranda Rake 2 comments

Portland's an excellent town for cocktails, and these 5 picks for romantic drinks are all conveniently located near at least one great restaurant. If all goes well, you and your date can move the party from the bar to the dinner table. More

Bartender's Choice: What to Drink at Wildwood in Portland, OR

Bartender's Choice Greg Harned 2 comments

The bar at Wildwood in NW Portland boasts 53 spirits from 22 different local producers. Bar manager Ryan Csanky is among them—his recently released Aria gin makes an appearance in a few of the cocktails at Wildwood. We asked Csanky to recommend a few drinks to order the next time we stop by the bar. More

First Look: Cocktails at Raven & Rose in Portland, OR

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Raven & Rose has opened inside the Ladd Carriage House, a 130-year-old historic Portland landmark. "We will do everything a bar in the 1880's would do," says bar manager Dave Shenaut, formerly of Riffle and Beaker & Flask. More

First Look: Cocktails at Portland Penny Diner in Portland, OR

First Look Greg Harned 1 comment

"We're not wearing paper hats, but we are tapping into the fun of the soda jerk culture," says Brandon Wise of his latest collaboration with chefs Vitaly Paley and Ben Bettinger. "This is the most fun I've ever had opening a bar or restaurant," says Wise. We got a peek at the cocktails on the Portland Penny Diner's list. More

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