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So This Exists: A Broccoli Rabe Cocktail at High Street on Market, Philadelphia

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Is it a bartender's duty to make sure drinks possess mass appeal? Guy Smith, bar manager of Philadelphia's High Street on Market, doesn't think so. Combining the juice of an already-divisive brassica with smoky-mouthed mezcal and dry seasonings more often found on ribs than in rocks glasses, he's created a vegetable-based cocktail so green it could double as a Kermit the Frog-inspired paint swatch. More

Where to Take a Date for Drinks in Philadelphia

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As much as "let's meet up for a drink" may be polite social code for "let's shake the dating 8-Ball and hope for results that are not face-meltingly terrible," selecting the right bar for the right person and right circumstances can certainly help mitigate the unpredictable. Philadelphia's a town with no shortage of places to meet a date—here are a few of the best. More

The Best Beers We Tried at Philly Beer Week 2013

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We hit the pavement (and 90-degree heat) to see if the City of Brotherly Love does beer as well as they do cheesesteaks and parking tickets. The answer: most definitely. More

Where to Drink Beer in Philadelphia: The Best Beer Bars

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Philadelphia possesses one of the richest and most dynamic beer-drinking cultures in America. Here are the 10 must-visits in the Philly beer-bar scene. More

Where to Buy Beer in Philadelphia: The Best Bottle Shops

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Philadelphia's rightly proud of its collection of beer bars, but even our most social drinkers need reliable retail to ensure their booze receptacles refrigerators stay full and happy. Here are our picks for the best craft beer stores and bottle shops in the city. If you're planning to come through for Philly Beer Week, visit these spots to stock up on beers you can't find in your home town. More

First Look: New Cocktails at Emmanuelle, Philadelphia

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Conventional wisdom tells us that coupledom and coworking go together about as well as ammonia and bleach. But in the case of bartenders Phoebe Esmon and Christian Gaal, the byproduct of their overlapping personal and professional relationships is one of Philadelphia's most cerebral cocktail programs. Here's a preview of the couple's latest creations, where references to Shakespeare, French colonialism, and North African piracy are poured alongside pisco, damson plum liqueur and genever. More

Joe Coffee: The New Roaster to Watch in Philly and Beyond

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A coffee chain opening their first cafe outside of their hometown isn't always a game-changer. But looking at the likes of Intelligentsia and Stumptown: sometimes it is. Enter New York's City's Joe, then—who last week opened their first-ever out-of-state cafe in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood of Philadelphia. Their entry into this growing coffee-literate city isn't shocking at first. But throw into the mix that it's part of Joe's gradual transition to roasting their own coffees exclusively and the Northeast will soon have another major roasting force on its hands. More

Where to Drink Cocktails in Philadelphia's Bella Vista and Queen Village

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Bella Vista and Queen Village's tidy, tree-lined streets contain some of Philly's most successful bars and restaurants, nailing tastes high, low, and in between. No matter what borders you adhere to, both neighborhoods provide are easy to slice through on foot, meaning you're never more than a few trudges away from a killer drink. More

First Look: New Cocktails at The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co., Philadelphia

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With head bartender Al Sotack acting as helmsmen, Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. completely overhauls its lineup four times a year. The Franklin's newest menu, featuring a 28-drink collection of originals and classics alike, went live last week. More

Cocktail Crawl: Where to Drink in Philadelphia's Old City

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Philadelphia's Old City, home to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and colonial re-enactors rocking their frilly waistcoats, is extremely navigable sans vehicle, making it ideal for a walking cocktail crawl. Here are five great places to slake your thirst, no powdered wig required. More

Highlights from Philly Beer Week 2012

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The wonderful (and slightly dangerous) thing about Philly Beer Week is that there are beers being poured all over the city that you may never see again. We attended a few of the 717 events going on—here are a few highlights More

First Look: Beer Cocktails at Alla Spina in Philadelphia

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Alla Spina, the latest venture from Philadelphia's Marc Vetri, is an Italian gastropub serving all sorts of thrilling takes on bar food. They've got twenty taps, two casks, a list of fifty plus bottles as well as a reserve list featuring large format and vintage selections. With a beer program like that and a menu items like Poutine with Guinea Hen Leg Bolognese and Mozzarella Curd and "Involtini del Muratore," Fried Mortadella with Fontina, we'd be plenty happy but Alla Spina also has a fantastic Italian accented cocktail program with a heavy focus on beer cocktails and Italian classics. More

Bartender's Choice: 8 Cocktails from The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co., Philadelphia

Where to Drink: Philadelphia Caroline Russock 5 comments

Instead of recreating some Disneyfied version of the speakeasy, the folks behind Franklin Mortgage aim to bring cocktails back to their past glory, not necessarily by making old drinks, but by making good drinks. They were recently included among the semifinalists for the James Beard award for Outstanding Bar Program. Here are 8 bartender-selected cocktails from their epic list. More

Philly Coffee Starts a Rivalry

Coffee Liz Clayton 2 comments

It's hard to imagine specialty coffee getting any more masculine, but where better than in the city of brotherly love? Enter Philadelphia's Rival Bros, a new roaster about town—and we do mean about—they're on the move in their mobile cafe-truck, no bricks-and-mortar for these guys. More

Now Brewing: Odd Fellows Café in Philadelphia

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The second project of Spruce Street Espresso founders Betty and Faith Ortiz (and conveniently located down the street from their first cafe), Odd Fellows comes nipping at the heels of a Philadelphia coffee revolution—which Spruce Street was at the forefront of, not so incidentally—and does one better by adding service, spaciousness...and a plate of fish tacos. In a city where they're neither the truly old guard (iconoclastic yet traditional roasters La Colombe reserve that seat at the bar) or the flavor of the month, the Ortizes hope to keep their hold on local coffee cups by focusing most on quality—something combined cafes and restaurants seem to rarely excel at. More

Where to Drink Coffee in Philadelphia

Where to Drink: Philadelphia Liz Clayton 9 comments

At long last, we can call it the city of coffee-ly-love: Philadelphia, long lingering in that spot where a great food city waits for great coffee to chase its heels, has come into its foamy own. Here's a little tour of what's new and brewing. More

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