What Are You Drinking?

Checking in with drinks industry folks—booze-writers, distillers, brewers, bartenders, and winemakers—about what drinks they're excited about now.


Blue Danube's Eric Danch on Wine in Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, and More

When I moved to the Bay area, I expected to find restaurants mostly focused on wines from nearby California wineries. What I didn't anticipate: a wine community with growing enthusiasm for lesser-known regions, thanks in no small part to Eric Danch, Northern California sales manager for Blue Danube Wine Company, an importer of wines from Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, and other spots in Central and Eastern Europe. I asked Eric to share a bit of essential info about these unfamiliar wine regions. Shall we start with the part where he joins the circus? More

What Are You Drinking, Camper English?

Camper English is the man behind Alcademics, which covers spirits and cocktails in general as well as sharing news on the Bay area bar scene. He's now the Contributing Drinks Editor at Saveur, and spirits editor for FSR Magazine, plus he writes for scores of other publications. We checked in with Camper about what he's drinking these days, what cocktail trends he's tired of, and where he sees cocktails going next. More

What Are You Drinking, Talia Baiocchi?

I've been impressed by Talia Baiocchi since I first met her, back when she was working with UK-based wine site WineChap. Talia went on to be the first-ever wine editor at Eater, and she has contributed to the San Francisco Chronicle and Wine Spectator (among others). Her book on sherry will be published by Ten Speed Press in fall 2014. As if the book weren't enough, this week she launched Punch, an online drinks and culture magazine—Talia's the editor-in-chief, no big deal. More

What Are You Drinking, Lou Amdur?

Lou Amdur is a fixture on the Los Angeles wine scene. After six years in business, he closed his eponymous wine bar to focus on a new project, the recently opened Lou Wine and Provisions on North Virgil Avenue next to Sqirl Cafe in Silver Lake. His focus is 'democratically priced wine'—all the bottles he's selling clock in under $25. We checked in with Lou about what he's drinking these days, plus his tips on finding interesting and delicious wines without shelling out too much cash. More

What Are You Drinking, Dan Petroski?

Harvest season is wrapping up in California, and soon the region's winemakers will finally get to catch up on some sleep. But before that happens, we wanted to check in with one of our local favorites: Dan Petroski of Massican, an upstart winery focused on making Italian-inspired white wines in Napa Valley. More

What Are You Drinking, Eric Asimov?

If you drink wine and occasionally read about it, Eric Asimov probably needs no introduction. He's the wine critic for The New York Times. He's the author of How to Love Wine: A Memoir and Manifesto. And he recently sat down with us to chat about what he drinks at home, what he he finds surprising about the current wine scene, and what he recommends for drinking when your wallet's feeling a little thin. More

What Are You Drinking, Brian Strumke?

We love Brian Strumke's effervescent and herbal Stillwater Stateside Saison. Having recently heard the news about upcoming canned beers as well as the latest in his music-inspired beer series (a black saison inspired by Small Black's "Breathless"), we checked in with Brian about how he got into beer, his brewing idols, and what's coming up next for Stillwater Artisanal Ales. More

Christina Turley on California Wine

We recently chatted with Christina Turley of Turley Wine Cellars about how she got into the wine business and what she's drinking lately. In today's installment, we chat about what's new in California wine, up-and-coming winery projects to seek out, and where to look for the best value wines. More

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