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Taste Test: Hot Chocolate Mixes

Erin Zimmer 41 comments

Since hot chocolate/cocoa is one of our favorite insides-warmers this chilly time of year, we set out to find the best. We tried 17 brands total. Find out how Swiss Miss compared to Ghirardelli and Jacques Torres, and which was like drinking pudding. More

Taste Test: Root Beer, the Regional Brands

Erin Zimmer 31 comments

We get many packages delivered to SE world headquarters. But this was officially the first time that 100 pounds of root beer arrived. Have you ever signed for that much root beer? We hadn't either! It was fun. After trying all the national brands we could get our paws on, we ordered 22 small-batch brands from across America through Galco, the Los Angeles-based soda warehouse and store. Here's a rundown of our ten favorites. More

Taste Test: Root Beer

Erin Zimmer 85 comments

Not everyone loves root beer. Some people really can't stand it. The medicinal, wintergreen, anise-y punch—it's exactly why others love it so much. Remember ordering it as a kid and thinking, how cool, they didn't even card me!...? Flavors can range anywhere from super sweet and cola-esque to herb-crazy, with notes of juniper, wintergreen, vanilla, bark, and licorice. We set out to find the best root beer in America, starting with 11 widely available national brands. More

Taste Test: To Freeze or Not to Freeze Coffee Beans, v2.0

Meister 33 comments

A few weeks back, I unintentionally breached the Serious Eats code of taste-testing with my post about whether or not to freeze coffee beans. In retrospect I realized I didn't test a broad enough series of variables to really get down to the nitty-gritty facts. So with the help of Kenji I concocted a new series of samples (eight in total) and hosted a blind tasting at Serious Eats Headquarters in an attempt to finally get to the bottom of the beans. More

Impromptu Pepsi Throwback Taste Test

Adam Kuban 32 comments

[Photograph: pepsithrowbackhub.com] We here at SE finally got our grubby hands on some Pepsi Throwback, the special-edition Pepsi made with real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. You would not believe how hard it is to find that... More

The Serious Eats Ginger Beer Taste Test

tressa eaton 71 comments

Ginger beer goes great with a bunch of foods, cutting through fatty food and complementing spicy Thai food. In summer, it's refreshing; in winter, the ginger is warming. Plus it usually comes in a cool glass bottle instead of a can. We tried seven kinds of ginger beer, and a few burps later, found the best. More

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