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Ask A Bartender: What Are Your Favorite Winter Cocktail Ingredients?

Ask a Bartender Carey Jones Post a comment

While winter might not have fresh peaches or strawberries, and might not be the best time for your most refreshing cocktails, there's plenty to love about the season. More

Your New Christmas Cocktail: Matt Poli's A-go Flip

Lizz Schumer Post a comment

The A-go Flip is what would happen if eggnog left the farm for the big city, then came back for a family gathering, bringing a few tricks up its sleeve. More

5 Festive Ciders to Spice up Your Holidays

Chris Lehault 5 comments

If you haven't eaten at least two dozen cookies by New Year's Day then you are doing something wrong. Along with all that butter, cinnamon, and sugar, it's the time to reach for flavorful, full-bodied ciders. American cider makers have embraced these colder months by releasing ciders packed with cranberries, spices, and a big heaping of holiday cheer. More

Drink This Now: The Fine Feller Cocktail

Nick Guy Post a comment

This recipe from Daniel Hyatt finally gives you a way to work pine needles into your cocktail routine. This iced tea with a kick has a subtle evergreen flavor. Christmas trees, beware! More

Ango Nog: An Even-More-Wintry Eggnog

Nick Guy 2 comments

This drink from Anvil Bar & Refuge in Houston might just become your new favorite eggnog recipe. The key: a long pour of Angostura bitters instead of your standard brandy or whiskey base. More

Winter Drinks: Improved Scotch Cocktail

Nick Guy 1 comment

A Scotch cocktail can be simple: whisky, sugar or honey, bitters, ice. Looking for "a drink that warms and soothes" in a season of bitter cold, Kyle Davidson of Blackbird in Chicago changed the equation a bit, bringing some complexity to the cocktail's flavor without overcomplicating it. More

Hot Cocktails: 20 Drink Recipes to Warm You Up

Recipe Roundups Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

We've experimented with a whole range of hot boozy drinks, spiking our cocoa with everything from mezcal to pisco and stirring pretty much the whole liquor cabinet into steaming mugs of cider, coffee, tea, and toddies. Here are 20 of the best hot drink recipes we've tested. More

We Try 10 New and Limited-Edition Winter Drinks

Nick Guy 8 comments

We try the new Starbucks Gingerbread Latte, new Sprite Cranberry, Blue Moon Gingerbread Spiced Ale, and a whole slew of eggnogs. More

3 Quince Cocktails to Make at Home

Recipe Roundups Autumn Giles 2 comments

The effort it takes to cook a quince will give you a ton of bang for your buck. Poaching leaves you with tender fruit for a pie or tart and a gorgeous syrup that—you guessed it—is great for cocktails. More

We Try the New Red Velvet Latte at Dunkin' Donuts

Fast Food Drinks Liz Clayton 2 comments

Instead of seeing the Dunkin Donuts Red Velvet Latte as a coffee drink with flavor syrup in it, I prefer to look at it as a pink hot chocolate with caffeine. See how easy that was? More

Spiked Hot Cider: 5 Fun Variations to Make at Home

Recipe Roundups MarĂ­a del Mar Sacasa Post a comment

Every Saturday during the fall, the farmers' market in my neighborhood becomes an urban orchard, with countless varieties of apples spilling out of rickety crates. I always stop at the hot cider stand; something about the sharpness of the air and the cutting edge of wind turns warm apple cider into an antidote. The antidote becomes even more powerful with a splash of liquor. Here are five recipes to inspire a little boozy cider celebration. More

5 Essential High-Proof Cocktails

Cocktail 101 Michael Dietsch 5 comments

With an autumnal chill settling in, with various cultural and religious holidays approaching, and with the promise of hours locked inside with your family members, I thought maybe you'd want some advice on high-octane cocktails for a change. More

6 Winter Cocktail Recipes from Clock Bar in San Francisco

Where to Drink: San Francisco Carrie Vasios Mullins 1 comment

The bartenders at Clock Bar certainly know it's time for the holidays. Their seasonal cocktails highlight classic winter flavors like vanilla, allspice, and marzipan. They've even paid playful homage to plum pudding, banana bread, and masala chai. So if you're looking for a break from eggnog, read on. More

What Are Your Favorite Hot, Boozy Drinks?

Paul Clarke 35 comments

For a huge chunk of the country, winter is currently at its frigid worst. With weather like this, you can be forgiven for needing a little bump in your coffee, or a little wahoo to a chill-busting mug of hot cocoa. What are your favorite hot, boozy drinks? Here are some of mine. More

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